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Cooking is always about experimentation, having fun doing it and instant pot is right at the center of it all. Our main goal is to help you learn how to cook using instant pot, and also have fun doing it. The instant pot is a tool for a new lifestyle that caters the needs of health-minded people, those looking to save time in the kitchen while at the same time providing a well-balanced nutritious meal, and those with special dietary restrictions. Instant pot provides you with the best kitchen experience by offering a user interface design and connected technologies that advances your home cooking.

We will introduce you to ways on how to use the instant pot including its pressure cooking which is:

Fast – The content of the cooker cook at a higher temperature than what can be achieved at a conventional therefore more heat means more speed. Pressure cooking is about twice as fast as conventional cooking.

Healthy – Pressure cooking is one of the healthiest methods of cooking as it preserves about 90-95% of the nutrients. Its extra speed and heat cooks food faster allowing them to retain more nutrients.

Easy, clean and safe – Pressure cooking isn’t complicated at all. Just push a button to reach pressure and flip a switch to release it. Also, no more spills over your cook top. It contains all of the splatters you would ordinarily get from conventionally boiling food. Moreover, the instant pot’s pressure cooker has a redundant safety systems to ensure that if one should fail, another will kick in.

Although the pressure cooker is the most used function of an instant pot, it has other important functions such as rice cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, sauté mode, and steamer. The newest instant pot also have a yoghurt function. Wow, how good is that!

Well our website helps you know more about instant pot by learning how to use it and also varieties of food that you can cook using instant pot.

We have an easy 4 step method of cooking and may only slightly differ with some foods.

  1. Add ingredients and liquid to instant pot
  2. Select the cooking program.
  3. Wait until it beeps. You can continue with other activities as you wait for the beep.
  4. Lastly, release the pressure and serve.

We provide you with tips and recipes to make your instant pot experience easier and more fulfilling.

We hope this website helps you gain new ideas and information on instant pot that’ll enable you fix your instant pot problems, and new menus that will take your instant pot cooking experience to a whole new level.